<About the policy of this site>
・I believe that the basis of communication is how to make it as close to a real conversation as possible. All pages on this site are created in-house, with the highest priority being conveying our direction and thoughts accurately and in a timely manner.

<About the genre of product development>
・ Our products are developed for the purpose of "street use", that is, daily use.This is not a tuning part that competes for flashy appearance, specs, and limit performance on the circuit, but we are purely dedicated to public roads and eliminate wasteful & harmful specifications.
-Also, while many other tuners specialize in single parts with their own technology at the core, we aim to tune one car in total.I think that the kind of tuning that combines and balances various parts is difficult without a lot of experience or the financial power to redo it many times.
・ In that case, effective development cannot be achieved unless you are familiar with the strengths and weaknesses of mass-produced vehicles.So, I can't handle cars from various manufacturers, so I make use of the background of our staff to specialize in Mazda cars.
-The actual products are jointly developed with specialized manufacturers in each field.The advantage is that we can procure the specifications we need with reliable technology, even in small quantities, at an appropriate cost.

<Direction of product development>
・ The basic concept is "A New Driving Sensation".In other words, we are pursuing the real thrill of tuning that cannot be obtained with mass production specifications.However, unlike general after-parts, we are targeting a slightly wider range.The so-called "sensitivity area", that is, the comfort that appeals to the five senses.We are aiming for a world that is not embarrassing as a vehicle for "sensible adults" by enhancing areas such as "sensitivity quality" and "sensitivity tuning", rather than simply running fast.
・ Because it is aimed at everyday street use, it goes without saying that we have taken great care not only to improve driving performance but also to prevent deterioration of practicality and comfort.In other words, the basic direction is to harmonize "joy of driving" and "comfort" at a high level.
・ Of course, how to balance it will change depending on the corresponding car model and product, but I think that even if you swing to the sports side most, you should keep it within the scope of the following principles.

■ Do not let the driver feel mental stress and physical pain as much as possible.
■ Can be installed and maintained at general car dealers and repair shops.
■ Clear the vehicle inspection without violating the regulations in the state of normal maintenance.

<About product defect information>
-Although we pay close attention to product quality and reliability from the design stage to the manufacturing process, we cannot say that there are no defects.
(There may be some disagreements about the situation in this area, but please understand it as a principle.)
・ If any defects are found, we will notify you on this website, so please be sure to read the "Defect Product Information" on the top page even if you have trouble.
-We have introduced a system that includes a user registration form for important safety parts and allows individual contact.

<Participation in motor sports>
・A company called Auto Exe was founded by Yojiro Terada, a former Mazda Works driver.Mr. Terada, who is recognized as "Japan's Mr. Le Mans" even in France, makes the final evaluation of the product development based on the know-how gained from his many years of Le Mans experience.
・ As you know, the "Le Mans" course includes general roads.Since it keeps running there for 24 hours, the performance required for a car is also different from F-1 etc.That is why it is sometimes said that "Le Mans is the ultimate street."
・ Therefore, "Le Mans" is special to us.It is a test course that seeks the true goodness of a car, rather than a race that competes for victory or defeat. While saying, "It's different from the circuit specifications," there was such a need in the background of our participation in "Le Mans."
・ At the same time as the establishment of the company, we carried out a number of "Le Mans" projects.But, of course, the result in terms of the game was disastrous.After a difficult struggle, participation as AutoExe ended in XNUMX with Rotary.
・ Terada, who has an indomitable fighting spirit, did not settle in the glory of the Mazda Works era, and even after XNUMX, he took on the help of other teams as a driver. It is natural that Terada's aim, which laughs as "the goal is to break the record for the most appearances," is not just a record.
-The world's famous cars were born from "Le Mans".We will never go to "Le Mans" with our team and machine.However, what is at the root of our car making is the "Le Mans" spirit.

<Privacy policy>
Autoexe Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "our company") complies with laws and related laws and regulations regarding the protection of personal information, and recognizes that it is an important social responsibility of a company to properly handle personal information. We have established a basic policy on protection.

■Privacy policy
XNUMX.We will appropriately collect, use and provide information.
XNUMX.We will prevent unauthorized access to information, loss, destruction, falsification and leakage of information.
XNUMX.We will comply with laws and other norms related to information.
XNUMX.We will establish regulations regarding information protection and constantly improve them.

Auto Exe Co., Ltd.
Representative Director and President Yojiro Terada

■Purpose of use of customer's personal information
We will handle the personal information you provide within the following range.

XNUMX.User registration for purchased products, registration/cancellation of official online store AutoExe Store and AutoExe members, sales of ordered products, and provision of other services of the Company
XNUMX.Sending catalogs, conducting questionnaire surveys, and sending free gifts, etc. regarding our products
XNUMX.Information and implementation of recalls and improvement measures related to our products
XNUMX.Responding to various inquiries, document requests, etc.

■ Provision of personal information to third parties
We will not provide personal information obtained from customers to third parties except in the following cases.

XNUMX.When we have obtained your consent
XNUMX.When the provision of personal information is permitted without the consent of the customer under the provisions of laws and regulations, etc.
XNUMX.In the case of joint use and business consignment specified below

■ Shared use of personal information
The Company may jointly use personal data within the scope necessary to achieve the purpose of use stipulated in "Purpose of Use of Personal Information."

XNUMX. Items of personal data to be jointly used
Information on attributes (address, phone number, email address, name, date of birth, place of work, etc.)
Information on services and products used (use status at dealers, vehicle information, etc.)
Others (contents of various inquiries, requests, consultations, etc.)

XNUMX. Scope of joint users
Our affiliated companies such as distributors and Mazda dealers who have concluded sales agreements with us

XNUMX. Purpose of shared use
The purpose of use described in the item "Purpose of use of customer's personal information"

XNUMX. Manager of personal data to be jointly used
Auto Exe Co., Ltd.

■ Business consignment
We may entrust the personal information you provide to a subcontractor or a partner in order to achieve the above purpose of use.In addition, if there is a request for disclosure from a public institution such as a court or police agency based on laws and regulations, we may provide it to the public institution.We may revise the above policy.In that case, all revisions will be notified on this site.

■ Site security
This site has established a high level of security through constant SSL encrypted communication (https) in partnership with KDDI Web Communications Co., Ltd. SSL technology protects important data such as personal information and payment information sent and received on the Internet from spoofing, data eavesdropping and falsification by malicious third parties by encrypting data communication.

■ About the use of cookies
Cookies are used to make browsing this site more convenient when the customer visits this site again. will have no adverse effect onWe may collect information from visitors to our site, such as overall trends and patterns of viewing behavior on our site, which is contained in cookies.The collected information will be used by our company or subcontractors to analyze access trends and provide better customer service.Also, please be assured that the collected information will be treated as confidential, just like your personal information.
If you do not want us to collect information about you, you can refuse to receive cookies by changing the settings of your Internet browsing software (browser).Please contact each software manufacturer for the setting method of the browser.

■ Warranty and liability limitation
The use of this site shall be done at the customer's responsibility.We are not responsible for any damage caused by using various information obtained from other websites linked to this site.

■Contact point
The customer requests disclosure, correction, addition, deletion, suspension of use, and suspension of provision to a third party (hereinafter referred to as "disclosure, etc.") of the customer's personal information held by the Company in accordance with the procedures prescribed by the Company. You can have it.For requests for disclosure of personal information and inquiries regarding customer personal information acquired or held by the Company, including complaints, etc., please contact us from the "Autoexe Service Information" below.We will respond appropriately and promptly.

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