Tune Your Life.  Interior

In order to clearly convey the driver's intentions about driving to the car, we would like to pay close attention to the texture and functionality of the cockpit interface.The interior features an airbag-compatible steering wheel with a casual yet sporty sensibility, a shift knob that pursues a sense of stroke when operated, and a sports floor mat with a large heel pad.We want you to double the satisfaction of seeing and touching, and enjoy a rich dialogue with your car.

To interior parts impressions

Sports Steering Wheel

New release for CX-60.Made of high quality nappa leather that feels comfortable in your hand.Flat bottom design with a sporty look.In order to fully enjoy interacting with the car, the feel and texture of the cockpit...

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Carbon Paddle Shift Lever

New release for CX-60.Improved shift operability during sports driving.Made of high-quality real carbon that covers the mass-produced steering shift switch.Moderate upsizing...

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Shift Knobs

New release for CX-60/MX-30 electric shift vehicles. Push-type aluminum anodized finish. Anodized aluminum finish that gives the cockpit a mechanical impression. Sai...

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Knee Pad Set

Firmly support both knees for accurate pedal work. ND & SE, a full-fledged knee pad set specially designed for each car model.In sports driving while feeling the G of cornering and acceleration / deceleration, it is a reliable ...

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Wide rear view mirror

New release for Roadster (ND). Wide field of view and natural sense of distance. Fitting exclusively for Mazda vehicles. "Wide rear view mirror" is an additional installation for mass-produced room mirror...

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Full Bucket Seat

Improved hold performance for sports driving.Roadster (ND) dedicated fitting.Suspension with high roll rigidity clears zigzag corners continuously ...

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Sports Floor Mat

Sporty exhilaration every time you get in.High-quality specifications that support accurate pedal work.A high-quality floor mat set with an impressive red and black gradation.The material is a special chemical fiber...

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