Tune Your Life. Intake & Exhaust

Seeking a pleasant response and sound.
An intake / exhaust system with a polished accelerator feel in the normal range.

Regardless of the absolute performance such as maximum output and maximum torque, the street vest = polish the accelerator response and exhaust note in the normal range ... The intake and exhaust system is exactly the "sensitivity tuning" that we insist on. It's a highlight.

Basically, it should be passed smoothly on the premise of the control system of the mass-produced engine and the "intake air amount" and "fuel injection amount" programmed in it.The intake system uses a material that appropriately reduces intake loss for the air filter to control the appropriate amount of intake air required by the engine.In addition, the ram air intake system eliminates the mass-produced air cleaner box, and a specially designed intake duct rectifies the air to increase the flow velocity.Furthermore, attention is paid to detailed parts such as intake suction that eliminates internal irregularities and prevents disturbance of the intake air.
Next, the exhaust system consisting of the engine, exhaust manifold, catalyzer, middle pipe, and muffler.The exhaust manifold, whose engine characteristics are affected by the equal length of the primary and the layout of the secondary, promotes exhaust gas suction by tuning the distance from the exhaust port.The exhaust chamber also has the same effect to increase the exhaust flow velocity.The muffler is based on a straight structure that does not lower the exhaust pressure against the conflicting themes of exhaust efficiency and muffling, and examines the pipe diameter and silencer capacity.In addition, the sound tune that the element that cannot be overlooked in terms of sensitivity is effective.It is being developed as a means to further deepen communication with cars.

To the impression of parts of the intake and exhaust system

Buyer's Guide

Find the best product for you according to your purpose and budget.We compare the personality of intake and exhaust parts and the change in ride quality.For details such as specifications, see each product page ...

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Ram Air Intake System

New release for CX-60.A high-end model that pursues efficiency and looks. The "Ram Air Intake System" was born from the idea of ​​pushing in air with supercharging = ram pressure. ...

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Sports Industry Box

Utilize mass production filter box.Increases inhalation efficiency and sound. "Sports induction box" is a rational intake that utilizes the air filter box of mass-produced cars as it is ...

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Air filter replacement

New release for CX-60.Dry type, mass-produced product that balances ventilation and dust collection. <Original filter (dry type)> Utilizes the air filter box of mass-produced cars to filter...

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Fresh Air Guide

Improves suction efficiency by positively catching the running wind. The "Fresh Air Guide" is an item that supports the improvement of intake efficiency by directly capturing the running wind from the front of the vehicle body.Clear sucking in mass-produced cars ...

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Intake Suction Kit

New release for CX-60.Eliminates flexible joints and thoroughly reduces intake resistance.The flexible joint of the mass-produced intake hose, where reliability is given top priority, has a...

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The lineup includes two series, the "Sports Muffler" that gives a feeling of bold performance and the "Premier Tail Muffler" that has a sophisticated presence.The common theme is improvement of exhaust efficiency and sound quality.From the normal range ...

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Exhaust Chamber Kit

Built-in chamber. Middle pipe that enhances the "sucking effect". ■ Exhaust system tuning is not just about reducing resistance.In tuning the exhaust system, just the exhaust resistance ...

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exhaust manifold

Fully isometric layout that increases the exhaust flow rate and improves torque.Let's check the work of the engine. Basically, the process of converting the chemical energy that gasoline had into heat energy ...

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Exhaust Finisher

High quality and fashionability.Fitting exclusively for Mazda vehicles.Bolt-on mounting on the tail end of mass-produced mufflers.The oval shape made up of thick and beautiful curves is versatile ...

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