Tune Your Life. Bodysuit

The source of handling is in the body.
I want to pursue the potential deep into the skeleton.

Train your core.That is the origin of tuning.
Everyone knows that the strength of the core is important in sports.Similarly for cars, if you want to be an athlete, training your skeleton is the starting point for tuning.This is because, in order for the suspension to operate accurately, it is ideal to make the supporting skeleton strong without loosening.So what's happening to the body of the car while driving?How do body reinforcement parts respond to them to achieve a solid ride and direct maneuverability?I would like to explain the mechanism and performance based on facts and theory.
While driving, the input from the road surface is transmitted to the suspension system (suspension, chassis member) through the tires, distributed to each part of the body through the suspension tower, and transmitted to the driver through the steering and seat.On the contrary, the driver's operation is transmitted to the road surface by the opposite route.It can be said to be a "closed loop" in which both controls are fed back to each other.Therefore, in order for people and cars to communicate with each other, it is ideal that all parts until the driver's intention is transmitted to the road surface function accurately without loss.
The key to this is the rigidity of the monocoque body and chassis, which are the basic skeleton of the car.Even in the technology of mass-produced cars, its importance is not hard to imagine, as it is firmly touted.In fact, the body design of mass-produced cars has evolved year by year, and has the necessary rigidity at the level of enjoying driving normally.However, in order to deeply respond to sports sensibilities such as "I want a more crisp ride" and "I want to enjoy a feeling of unity with the car", there is little room for increased rigidity with tuning parts. We are thinking.

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The scene is cornering.Pleasure of running created by body reinforcement.
The pleasure of having the driver control the car and enjoy driving can be obtained in all the movements of "running, stopping, and turning", but the sense of unity when cornering is the real pleasure of sports driving.
Therefore, our body reinforcement parts were developed with the aim of directly connecting "the intention of the rider and the behavior of the car" when cornering, and accurately tracing the line as the driver aimed in a stable posture. There is.Needless to say, the reinforcement of the body contributes not only to cornering but also to daily driving such as improvement of straightness and stability during braking.Even if you deduct the disadvantages of weight increase, which is the fate of additional parts, you should be able to experience even more obvious effects in every scene.

<No body reinforcement>
The input from the tire is absorbed by the minute distortion of the body, and the reaction is delayed.

The ultimate goal is how to wear the tires.
Why do you need body reinforcement parts?To explain the ultimate purpose in one word, it is all about "how to wear tires, which is the only point of contact between the car and the road surface."For example, if the lateral rigidity of the body is insufficient during cornering, the grip force that should originally grip the road surface is absorbed by the body through the suspension, so it is difficult to fully demonstrate the performance of the tire.When verified from the opposite perspective, when the driver turns the steering wheel, the force is transmitted to the front wheels via the steering gearbox etc., but the force that should be applied to the tires escapes due to the distortion of the body, so an appropriate cornering force should be used. As a result, the reaction until the car turns is delayed.

<With body reinforcement>
Body reinforcement parts support the input from the tires and suppress distortion.

Especially in a situation where the tire accelerates toward the corner exit, in addition to the centrifugal force, traction due to the driving force, steering force of the steering, etc. are complicatedly generated in the tire.Since those loads are concentrated on the body at once from the tires through the suspension, the reaction of the car to the driver's operation tends to be dull.In such a scene, it is important to minimize the deflection of the body, move the suspension smoothly, and immediately convey the driver's intention to the tires.The "hard core body" trained with body reinforcement parts is the source of accurate and sporty handling and ride quality.in short,Suspension pageThe importance of the "transient characteristics" emphasized in the above also appears here.Distortion due to lack of rigidity absorbs the movement of the initial action area of ​​parts such as the suspension.The delay in the initial response due to this worsens the transient characteristics and hinders the response and its pleasure at the beginning of steering.Needless to say, when tires with higher grip and high-performance suspension are installed compared to mass-produced specifications, the load on the body is further increased, so the demand for rigidity becomes more severe.

Our body parts that enhance "dynamic sensitivity".
In any scene, the difference is a minute level that cannot be captured by measuring instruments or numerical values, but the driver has the ability to detect the slight difference with the body.Therefore, we continue to focus on tuning in the "dynamic sensitivity" area.It is knowledge that is not necessary to drive a car normally, but by driving while concretely imagining how the sensation effect obtained by installing body reinforcement parts is obtained through steering and accelerator operation. The more intellectual interest and sensibility you have in your car, the more fun you will have in driving and tuning.

Finally, let me introduce our representative method for body reinforcement.Specifically, it is based on a high-rigidity steel oval shaft that is advantageous in terms of rigidity.A strong gusset (reinforcement plate) is placed on the mounting bracket, which is subject to a large load through the tires and suspension, to disperse the stress so that the input from the road surface is not concentrated in one place on the body.Furthermore, the main oval shaft and bracket are welded as continuously as possible to create a one-piece structure that creates a strong frame.This is the same method from a full-fledged brace set with two upper and lower tiers to a standard strut tower bar.In addition, a motion control beam equipped with an ultra-high damping force friction damper that simultaneously increases torsional rigidity and damping performance has been added, making the entire car a tough and rigid body.How far you go in the actual tuning depends on the specifications of the car, how you use it, and your budget. I want you to push forward.

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