Mr. Roadster Takao Kijima is the brain of AutoExe!

AutoExe's "Mazda Vehicle Individualization Project" has now gained a great deal of momentum.Takao Kijima, who has been involved in the development of sports cars as an authority on suspensions at Mazda Motor Corporation, has served as the development chief of the Roadster and RX-7, and is currently training the next generation of engineers at Yamaguchi Tokyo University of Science, is now a supervisor. As a result, we decided to participate in AutoExe.
The point of contact between Mr. Kijima and us goes back to the days when he teamed up with Mazdaspeed in the Le Mans project "All Mazda Task Force" for the victory in 1991.The achievements of the monocoque chassis structural analysis contributed to the historic achievement of the Mazda 787B, which will be a new memory for enthusiastic Mazda fans.
His belief in manufacturing since his tenure at Mazda, "Dynamic Kansei Engineering," which cannot be expressed by measuring instruments and specifications, and "New Driving Sensation," which pursues the sensibilities and transient characteristics that we advocate, are in agreement.We will work together to create Fun to Tune !, which is unique to tuning parts manufacturers, taking advantage of small-scale, small-scale production systems.
Specifically, we will hold "Kijima Seminar" on this site for people who love cars and tuning as well as advice on AutoExe products.We are planning to send out the soul of a real sports car based on dynamic Kansei engineering.We hope that Mr. Kijima's participation will deepen communication with everyone.Please stay tuned.


Editor's Note ...Thank you for your patronage for a long time.(16.12.22)

■ Introduction to dynamic Kansei engineering to enjoy tuning

-§17 The taste of the roll is determined by how the "angular velocity" rises ... its calculation and sensitivity evaluation.(16.10.31)

-§16 When tuning rolls, pay attention to the balance of weight transfer.(16.4.7)

-§15 To enjoy the tuning of roll rigidity ... A thorough explanation of the basic mechanism.(15.9.7)

-§14 Steering characteristics omnibus.Consider the relationship between yaw change during accelerated turning and dynamic sensitivity.(15.1.29)

-§13 Details of steering characteristics: Calculate the slip angles of front and rear tires.(14.5.15)

-§12 "Ability to talk with tires" is indispensable for realizing the ultimate "human-horse sense of unity". (13.8.29)

-§11 Why does the car turn when the steering wheel is turned? "... Elucidation of the actual situation of the process. (13.2.14)

-§10 Basic tuning recipe to enjoy the "ride" of the suspension. (12.10.4)

-§9 The DNA that determines the dynamic sensitivity performance of automobiles is hidden in the numbers in the specification table. (12.7.5)

-§8 What is the ability to appeal to human dynamic sensibilities?What is the direction of setting the goal?(12.3.8)

-§7 What is dynamic Kansei engineering?What is the purpose of tuning?Reconfirm the basics.(12.1.19)

-§6 To develop a car with high dynamic sensitivity.I honed my own driving sensibility. (11.12.1)

-§5 At will, snappy! Commitment to "dynamic sensibility". (11.10.6)

-§4 To remain a true sports car. It was poured into the suspension of the 7rd generation RX-XNUMX.(11.9.8)

-§3 For the joy of running through your heart.The Roadster aimed for a "Jinba Ittai" sensibility.(11.8.4)

-§2 How to control toe changes?I challenged the suspension of a full-scale sports car.(11.7.7)

-§1 I met "maneuverability" on a sports track.And to the first RX-7 who taught me the importance of packaging.(11.6.9)

Greetings from Mr. Kijima "On a journey to love sports cars with everyone"(11.5.6)


■ Profile
Takao Kijima Born January 1949, 1 

Joined Toyo Kogyo Co., Ltd. (currently Mazda Motor Corporation) in 1967.
1970-Design and development of suspensions for commercial vehicles (boxers, Titans, etc.)
1982-Design and development of new rear suspension for chassis of XNUMXnd generation RX-XNUMX (FC)
1984 RX-XNUMX (SA) Chassis design and development of Acropolis Rally vehicle
1986-Design and development of the first roadster (NA)
1988 Appointed team leader of the task force for vehicle design, development promotion and the entire vehicle system of the XNUMXrd generation RX-XNUMX (FD)
1991 Mazda 787B Le Mans 24-hour race vehicle body, chassis design and development
1995-Second generation Roadster (NB), RX-7 (FD) development chief
2001-XNUMXrd generation Roadster (NC) development chief
2009 Mazda Motor Corporation Retirement
2010 Appointed Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Sanyo-onoda City, Yamaguchi

・ Roadster-like happiness theory Sanei Shobo
・ Mazda / Eunos Roadster Development story of a lightweight sports car made in Japan Co-author Miki Shobo
・ Mazda RX-XNUMX Rotary engine sports car development story Co-author Miki Shobo
・ Sensitivity-oriented car development Automotive Technology Association Paper Vol.61 NO.6 2007

・ 1986 Technical Development Award of the Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan (Development of rear wheel suspension system with toe control mechanism)
・ 1986 Institute of Invention and Innovation, Invention Award, Commissioner of the Patent Office Encouragement Award (Rear Suspension)