With Le Man Spirit! All roads lead to "Le Mans".

"Le Mans" has been participating in the war since the Mazdaspeed era before the establishment of AutoExe.This battle is the ultimate street that runs XNUMX hours on a course that includes public roads. Durability and comfort different from sprint races represented by FXNUMX are required.Therefore, the ideal of a car as a sport on everyday public roads is "Le Mans" tuning.In other words, it's comfortable, safe and fast.At the time when tunes derived from racing specifications were in fashion, he insisted on the sportiness of high-quality street vests.At the same time, in the after-parts industry, which tends to pursue high performance on a part-by-part basis, we laid the foundation for a complete tune of car model ideas that focused on total balance as a car.

2002 ~ 1997

As you all know, the "Le Mans" course includes public roads.Until the day before the race, Peugeot, where nearby Madams go shopping, and old Citroen, full of hay, come and go.It's a normal living road.There is no particular race specification other than the equipment that protects the safety of the driver.Road conditions also vary.Of course, test runs are not allowed except for a few days just before the race.Most of the participating vehicles will hit each other and face this high-speed endurance race.Moreover, since it is midsummer, the daytime temperature will be over 30 degrees Celsius.I can't help without a sweater at night.It is often hit by sudden heavy rains.And once you have passed the pit, you will not be able to receive emergency repairs unless you go around the 13 km course.That's why reliability and stability are essential to winning here.
Another special condition to win "Le Mans" is the performance that does not tire the driver.Maneuverability that is too severe is also disqualified in this sense.After all, I keep running for 24 hours, so even if I run in three shifts, I will be exhausted in the second half.Attention also drops.There are also mistakes.Therefore, ease of driving is indispensable for a car that runs "Le Mans".You might think it's ridiculous, but the comfort of the seat is not negligible.If it's too hard, the driver's butt will be bruised.For covered cars, air conditioning is also important.Poor ventilation leads to dehydration.As expected, no driver requires sound equipment, but in short, the car that runs "Le Mans" exists as an extension of the car that runs on ordinary streets.That is the decisive difference from F3 where you only have to put up with it for at most two hours.
It's already clear why we at AutoExe continue to stick to "Le Mans".Many of the tuning cars in the world are FXNUMX or rally-like.Recently, hot rod orientation has also been added to this.Of course, there is no problem if it is a dedicated sports vehicle.However, if you use it as a daily foot, the ideal is "Le Mans" tuning.Comfortable, safe and fast ...That is the tuning goal we are aiming for.Therefore, in order to feel the exquisite combination on the skin, "Le Mans" is absolutely necessary to keep the evaluation standard at a high level.Now that we are away from the factory, we may not have a chance to win "Le Mans".However, we must compete with the world's top class to improve our sense.The world's famous cars were born from "Le Mans".In that sense, "Le Mans" is an extension of the street.