With “Lemans” Sprits
All roads lead to "Le Mans".

As you know, the "XNUMX Hours of Le Mans" includes public roads.Until the day before the race, it's a normal road.There is no particular race specification other than the equipment that protects the safety of the driver.Road conditions also vary.Of course, test runs are not allowed except for a few days just before the race.Most of the participating vehicles will hit each other and face this high-speed endurance race.Moreover, since it is midsummer, the daytime temperature will be over XNUMX degrees Celsius.I can't help without a sweater at night.It is often hit by sudden heavy rains.And once you have passed the pit, you will not be able to receive emergency repairs unless you go around the XNUMX km course.Therefore, in order to win here, "high reliability" and "active safety" are indispensable above all.In that sense, "Le Mans" is the ultimate street.
Another special condition to win "Le Mans" is the performance that does not tire the driver.Maneuverability that is too severe is also disqualified in this sense.After all, I keep running for 24 hours, so even if I run in three shifts, I will be exhausted in the second half.Attention also drops.There are also mistakes.Therefore, ease of driving is indispensable for a car that runs "Le Mans".You might think it's ridiculous, but the comfort of the seat is not negligible.If it's too hard, the driver's butt will be bruised.For covered cars, air conditioning is also important.Poor ventilation leads to dehydration.As expected, no driver requires sound equipment, but in short, the car that runs "Le Mans" exists as an extension of the car that runs on ordinary streets.That is the decisive difference from FXNUMX where you only have to put up with it for at most two hours.
Therefore, we decided to run "Le Mans" at the same time as the establishment of the company.We knew that we had no chance to win when we left Works.However, unfortunately, in order to add our own flavor to the mass-produced cars developed by the manufacturers with all their might, we must have a clear direction.I thought that the flag was absolutely "Le Mans".Driving is fun and safe without compromising comfort in everyday use.In order to feel the exquisite combination on the skin and to keep the evaluation criteria higher, we carried out a number of "Le Mans" projects.
The following is a record of Yojiro Terada, who continues to run "Le Mans" with an indomitable fighting spirit without resting in the glory of the Mazda Works era. Participation as AutoExe ended in XNUMX with a rotary engine.Since then, Terada has taken on the help of other teams as a professional driver. Terada's eyes, laughing, "The goal is to break the record for the most appearances," are probably looking beyond that.The unmistakable fact is that the world's most famous cars were born from the "Le Mans".

<History of Yojiro Terada's Le Mans Challenge>

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