Here are some frequently asked questions and their answers.

Through tuning consultation meetings at events and inquiries by e-mail or telephone, we have picked up the questions that users often ask.

 ▶ Styling kit 

Q Do you have painted products?How much is the painting fee? 
A We have piano black painted products for many car models.For unpainted products, a painting fee is required in addition to the main unit price.In addition, the painting fee and installation wage are set by each store.Please contact the store where you purchased the product.

Q Does the minimum ground clearance decrease when the styling kit is installed?
A As a general rule, the minimum ground clearance of mass-produced vehicle specifications is designed to remain unchanged.If the vehicle is high enough to pass the vehicle inspection, there is no problem with safety standards.However, compared to mass-produced products, the lower end has a larger overhang, and the area of ​​the lower part increases with respect to the road surface, increasing the possibility of contact when parking or driving on uneven road surfaces.

Q Do you support safety equipment such as millimeter wave radar and active bonnet?
A Many vehicle models have products that support millimeter-wave radar (SBS / MRCC) function, AT false alarm control device, and active bonnet function (pedestrian protection system), but they may not operate properly depending on driving conditions. Yes, we do not guarantee its operation.
* Never install a product that does not support safety equipment as it is dangerous.

Q Is it possible to attach a genuine shop option corner sensor to the bumper?
A Except for some products, it does not support the corner sensor of the genuine shop option.In some cases, it is possible to install it by drilling holes in the bumper, but we are not responsible for malfunctions due to differences in sensor position or sensing angle, or problems such as bumper cracks caused by installing the sensor.

Q Is it possible to attach genuine fog lamps and tow hooks to the bumper?
A We have a large number of products that are premised on the installation of genuine fog lights.Products that clearly state that fog lights cannot be installed cannot be installed due to factors such as strength and space.In addition, the tow hook cannot be attached because the design gives priority to the degree of freedom in design.

 ▶ Suspension 

Q I am worried about the deterioration of ride quality due to the replacement of the suspension.
A It is difficult to give a clear answer as to whether the ride quality is good or bad because there are individual differences in feelings, but it is not generally proportional to the damping force or the strength of the spring constant.Since our products are set to enhance sportiness, the ride quality in general terms tends to be hard, but we carefully examined the balance (damping ratio) of the damper / spring combination and the setting of the damper damping force. Ensuring comfort.We are trying to make a comfortable setting for drivers who want to enjoy driving on the streets on a daily basis.In addition, the tire brand and air pressure have a great effect on ride quality.

Q Is there any effect on safety equipment such as active bonnet and millimeter wave radar?
A Since the safety equipment is designed based on mass-produced vehicles, changes in suspension hardness and vehicle height will strictly affect its operation.Our products have a spring constant increase rate and vehicle height decrease amount assuming street use, and we have confirmed that there is no effect on safety equipment by testing under general usage environment.However, these equipments may not work properly depending on the driving conditions, and we do not guarantee their operation.

Q Is it necessary to adjust the camera aiming when lowering the vehicle height on a car equipped with a 360 ° view monitor?
A The 360 ​​° view monitor is a system that connects and displays four camera images installed on the front, back, left and right of the vehicle body.Therefore the carIf you lower the height, the connection of the images will be slightly misaligned, and aiming adjustment (misalignment correction) may be required. * The judgment criteria are based on the values ​​stated in the maintenance manual published by Mazda Motor Corporation.In addition, the standard vehicle height of our products is -20 to 30 mm compared to mass-produced vehicles, and because the specifications are such that mass-produced bump stoppers are installed as they are, the image deviation will be the same level as when a large number of people ride on a mass-produced vehicle.

Q Is it necessary to cut the bump stopper when the lowdown spring is installed?
A The bump stopper is a safety device that prevents damage when the damper bottom is attached and keeps the vehicle height, and also functions as a part of the spring constant.Therefore, if you cut it, the spring constant after bump touch will change suddenly, which not only impairs exercise performance and ride quality, but also makes it difficult to maintain the minimum ride height, which is dangerous for driving.By the way, our products are equipped with genuine bump stoppers without any processing, and the vehicle height is almost the same as that of mass-produced vehicles in comparison with a large number of passengers.Never cut and use the genuine bump stopper.

Q I installed a low-down spring, but the vehicle height does not drop much.
A The low down spring is designed with the same amount of down for both front and rear, considering the load balance between front and rear.Therefore, depending on the shape of the fender, the gap between the front and rear tires and the fender may be visually felt wide.
Also, if the rubber bush of the suspension arm is installed without being retightened, the angle of the suspension arm may not drop to the specified value and the vehicle height may not drop (noticeable for double wishbone and multi-link suspension). It is recommended to retighten the suspension arm when mounting).

Q How many centimeters can the height-adjustable suspension be lowered?
A In some cases, the vehicle height can be physically lowered below the recommended range, but if it is lowered too much, the performance as designed will not be achieved due to insufficient suspension stroke.We have set our recommended vehicle height range in consideration of exercise performance, convenience, and minimum ground clearance according to safety standards.

Q Is there a damping force adjustment type damper (shock absorber) setting?
A Emphasis is placed on riding comfort on general public roads, and the oil path of the piston has a simple structure, and a fixed damping force type that is advantageous for the rise of damping force from the very low speed range is actively adopted.As an exception, the club sports suspension kit, which is designed for high-limit sports driving, does not emphasize the damping force in the very low speed range, so it gives priority to the degree of freedom in setting and provides a damping force adjustment function.

Q How long is the life of the damper (shock absorber)?
A Performance will gradually deteriorate due to deterioration of internal oil due to heat generated when the damper is operated.The service life varies depending on the usage environment, but in order to maintain a good ride quality, it is recommended to replace / overhaul after traveling 50000 km as a guide.Also, during maintenance, it is recommended to check the condition of the upper mount, rubber bush, etc. around the suspension and replace it according to the degree of deterioration.

Q Is there a repair product setting for the damper (shock absorber)?
A For street sports suspension kits (excluding some products) and sports dampers, repair dampers are available.Other dampers can be overhauled.Disassembly work wages are tax-included price ¥ 11Basically, 000 ~ (10,000 yen excluding tax) / 1 bottle (The cost varies depending on the product condition and specifications, so please contact us for details). * Reference:About overhaul

Q Can custom specifications such as spring constant and damping force of the suspension kit be supported?
A We have given the best set for street driving.We do not support custom specifications.

Q What is the recommended wheel alignment value when replacing the suspension?
A Wheel alignment changes as the vehicle height decreases.Please readjust to the recommended value described in the maintenance manual issued by Mazda Motor Corporation.

Q Is it necessary to install the adjustable stabilizer link when the vehicle height is lowered?
A The adjustable stabilizer link is an optional part that enhances the effect of the stabilizer when the vehicle height is lowered.There is no functional inconvenience caused by not installing this product, but we recommend that you install it at the same time.
* Some products (front side) of the street sports suspension kit do not need to be installed (installed) because the mounting position of the stabilizer link has been changed (adjusted) in advance to reduce the vehicle height. It is possible).

Q How many centimeters does the Adjustable Stabilizer Link support for height reduction?
A Even if the vehicle height reduction exceeds our recommended value, it will be effective, but if the vehicle height reduction is lowered more than a certain level, the stabilizer arm angle cannot be corrected only by adjusting the total length of the stabilizer link due to its structure.

 ▶ Body 

Q I do not drive on the circuit.Is it necessary to reinforce even a normal car or daily street riding?
A The suspension mounting part and body are slightly deformed even during normal driving.The deformation suppression effect of body reinforcement is a slight level in the measured value, but the driver has the ability to detect the difference.Not limited to hard driving such as on the circuit, it has the effect of enhancing the feeling firmly in everyday driving scenes such as cornering and lane changes.

Q I am worried about the burden on the car due to body reinforcement.Isn't it good to harden too much?
A Innocent reinforcement concentrates the burden on the mounting part and causes cracks and distortion in the body.Our products are designed with less load on the body, such as surface contact of parts mounting parts and dispersion of mounting points.In addition, mounting is basically done together with existing bolts in high-strength parts, and processing to the body is minimal.

Q Doesn't the ride become worse if the body is reinforced?
A It is difficult to give a clear answer regarding ride comfort due to individual differences in feeling, but body hardness and ride comfort are not generally proportional.The installation of body reinforcement parts enhances the feeling of the car body and enhances the steering response, but on the other hand, the input from the road surface absorbed by the minute deformation of the body is directly transmitted to the driver, so the ride quality is generally said. Is harder than mass-produced cars.You can clearly feel the original performance (good / bad) of the tire / suspension.

Q Isn't the body reinforcement heavy and adversely affecting the running?
A In street driving, which is the premise of AutoExe, the effect of improving the ride quality is larger than the demerit due to the weight increase due to the additional reinforcement parts, and it is considered to be within the allowable range.In addition, we are trying to create a layout that has little adverse effect on exercise performance such as the weight balance and center of gravity of the car body.

Q Is it possible to use the lower arm bar and member brace, or the strut bar, floor cross bar and tower brace together?
A Most models cannot be installed at the same time due to overlapping installation locations.It is stated that simultaneous installation is not possible even for some models that can be used together, for example, even if the lower arm bar is installed with the member brace attached and the floor crossbar is installed with the tower brace attached, it is appropriate. This is because the effect of is not expected.

Q Can I buy only the front (rear) of the tower brace set and member brace set?
A Both are parts with a very high rigidity improvement effect.In principle, the front and rear sets are sold in consideration of the rigidity balance between the front and rear of the car body.

Q Is it necessary to readjust the alignment during installation?
A As a general rule, alignment adjustment is not necessary.However, for some models that use alignment adjustment bolts when installing the member brace set and lower arm bar, the adjustment points are marked and the work is performed.

Q The paint has peeled off.Is there a stylus setting?
A The touch-up pen for repairing the paint color (commonly known as Auto Exe Red) of the body reinforcement parts is not set.We recommend using Mazda's genuine true red (color code: AXNUMXA) as an approximate color.
(Reference) Mazda genuine touch-up paint Part number: 8563-77-710 A4A

 ▶ Intake & exhaust 

Q How often should the air filter be replaced / cleaned?How to clean?
A ・ Replacement (disposable filter)
It is a disposable type similar to the genuine product.It is recommended to replace it every 20000km.
・ Made by K & N (adopted for ram air intake system / sports induction box, etc.)
It can be used repeatedly with the dedicated maintenance kit (sold separately). Cleaning is recommended every 5000 to 10000 km.
* For cleaning method of K & N filter,Click here for the guidelines. for more information.

Q How long does it take to clean the wet air filter?
A It takes a certain amount of time to dry the filter after cleaning.The standard time from cleaning to installation is about half a day to a day.Click here for detailed cleaning methods.

Q Is it possible to install a muffler on a vehicle other than the compatible model?
A Please do not install it on other than compatible models.In particular, "muffler acceleration noise control vehicles" produced after April 22, 4 will be punished due to illegal modification if the muffler is attached to a vehicle other than the model / specification approved by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism. Please be careful.
* For example, if a muffler approved only for AT cars is attached to MT cars, even if the muffler is installed normally below the specified volume value, it will not meet the safety standards and will not be able to clear the vehicle inspection.

Q What is the volume level / sound quality of the muffler?
A It is difficult to give a clear answer because of individual differences.Please consider it as a quiet category among the commercially available mufflers because it is designed with a margin in the volume regulation value of the safety standard.Compared to mass-produced cars, the exhaust sound is sportier when the accelerator is depressed, but we try to keep it at a level that does not bother the neighborhood when idling or when the load is low.In addition, although it is designed with durability in mind, the volume will gradually increase due to deterioration of the sound deadening material (glass wool) over time.

Q Does the minimum ground clearance decrease when a muffler is installed?
A The minimum ground clearance of mass-produced vehicle specifications does not change.However, since the tail end has a larger diameter than mass-produced products, there is a high possibility that it will come into contact with a car stop in a parking lot, especially when the vehicle height is lowered.

Q Is it necessary to rewrite the ECU (computer) to replace the intake and exhaust system parts?
A Designed for optimal performance in mass-produced ECUs.For example, we recommend using a mass-produced ECU for a combination of a ram air intake system and a premier tail muffler.

 ▶ Brake 

Q How to deal with brake squeal?
A Brake squeal is caused by the material characteristics of the brake pads, the contact condition between the rotor and the disc surface, and the condition of the caliper.When brake squeal occurs, the vibration that causes the squeal is suppressed by chamfering the corners of the brake pad friction material, polishing the rotor surface, and applying grease to the sliding parts of the brake pad. ..

Q What is the effect of the brake rotor slits?
A The slit has the effect of releasing the fade gas when the brake pad generates heat and preventing carbonization of the surface.While keeping the friction material surface of the pad uniform and demonstrating stable braking force, the pad wear is about 1 to 2% faster than without a slit.

 ▶ Other 

Q What are your plans to commercialize the bonnet damper for new models?
A For vehicles equipped with an active bonnet (safety device that cushions pedestrians in the event of a collision) *, there are no plans to commercialize a bonnet damper because it is difficult to use this device together or ensure safety. * Standard equipment on Roadster (ND / NC), MAZDA6, CX-8, etc.

Q What are the aluminum wheels installed on the demo car?What is the tire size?
A It is equipped with a commercial product manufactured by Rays (including products that have already been discontinued).See below for sizes.

[Caution] Depending on the tire brand and individual differences, it may not meet the safety standards.
・SE-07S Gram Lights 57FXZ 18-8.0J INSET45 (225/45R18)
・ SE-05 Gram Lights 57 Extreme 18-8.5J INSET42 (225 / 45R18)

・ ND-06S / ND-05 VOLK RACING CE28 CLUB RACER 16-7.0J INSET42 (195 / 50R16)
・ ND-05S Gram Lights 57 Extreme 17-7.0J INSET42 (205 / 45R17)
・ NC-05 Gram Lights 57 Extreme 17-7.0J INSET50 (205 / 45R17)

<MAZDA2 / Demio>
・DJ-07/DJ-06 Gram Lights 57 Extreme REV LIMIT EDITION 16-6.5J INSET44 (185/60R16)
・ DJ-05S Gram Lights 57 Extreme 16-6.5J INSET45 (185 / 60R16)

・ DJ-05 Gram Lights 57FXX 16-6.5J INSET40 (185 / 60R16)

・ BP-06S Gram Lights 57 Extreme REV LIMIT EDITION 18-7.5J INSET49 (215 / 45R18)
・ BP-06 Gram Lights 57 Azure ANA 18-7.0J INSET45 (215 / 45R18)

・ BM-05S / BM-04 (Sports) Gram Lights 57 Extreme 18-7.5J INSET50 (215 / 45R18)
・ BM-05S / BM-04 (sedan) Gram Lights 57 Extreme 17-7.0J INSET50 (215 / 50R17)

<MAZDA6 / Atenza>
・ GJ-06 Gram Lights 57 Transcend 19-8.0J INSET45 (225 / 45R19)
・GJ-05S/GJ-05/GJ-04 グラムライツ57エクストリーム 19-8.5J INSET50 (225/45R19)

・ DK-05S / DK-05 Gram Lights 57 Extreme 18-7.5J INSET50 (215 / 50R18)

・ DM-06 Gram Lights 57 Azure BNA 18-7.0J INSET45 (215 / 55R18)

・ DR-06 Gram Lights 57 Azure ANA 18-7.0J INSET45 (215 / 55R18)

・ KF-06B Versus VT125S 19-8.0J INSET48 (225 / 55R19)
・ KF-06 Gram Lights 57 Transcend 19-8.0J INSET45 (225 / 55R19)

・ KF-05S Gram Lights 57 Azure ANA 19-7.5J INSET55 (225 / 55R19)
・KE-05S/KE-05/KE-04 グラムライツ57エクストリーム 19-8.5J INSET50 (235/55R19)

・KH-07 Homura 2×7RA 20-8.5J INSET45 (235/50R20)

・KG-07 Versus VT125S 19-8.0J INSET48 (225/55R19)
・ KG-06 Homura 2 × 9 19-8.0J INSET45 (225 / 55R19)

・ CW-04 Gram Lights 57 Extreme 17-7.0J INSET50 (205 / 50R17)

・ CC-04 Gram Lights 57 Extreme 17-7.0J INSET50 (215 / 50R17)

* Please contact us for other models.
(Reference) Rays website

Q Do AutoExe products come with a warranty?
A Except for dealer option settings, we do not set a warranty period like genuine parts.For information on how to deal with problems and differences from genuine parts,Click here for the guidelines.

Q How much is the installation wage for parts?
A Product installation wages are set by each retailer.Please contact the store where you purchased the product.

Q Can I directly request the purchase and installation of parts?
A We do not carry out product retailing, installation work, or vehicle maintenance.Please contact an AutoExe product dealer such as a Mazda dealer, a tire shop, or a car accessory store.

Q Do you sell by mail order?
A For those who wish to sell by mail order, the official online shop AutoExe Store Is available. You can enjoy shopping at any time by credit card payment from either your PC or smartphone.

Q I bought a used part, but I don't have enough parts.Are repair parts and manuals available?
A For the instruction manual, please visit our support corner.Download PDF fileIs possible.We supply repair parts as much as possible.Please contact your nearest AutoExe product dealer.

Q Are the products listed in the previous catalog available?
A Products listed in the parts list on this website can be supplied.As a general rule, products not listed are sold out, including in-stock items.In addition, we do not offer custom-made products.

Q Is it possible to install parts other than compatible models?
A Vehicle models and grades for which we have not confirmed the installation of the product are out of compliance.Even if it can be physically attached, there may be functional problems or non-compliance with safety standards.Never install it on any vehicle other than the compatible model.