A great reference for your car customization project.

We publish genuine comments from people who have actually worn our products.Impression pageWe have now completed publishing all the posts received during the campaign period in May.
This time, we will introduce some of the thoughts on the body reinforcement that provides a "solid ride feel and direct maneuverability"!
By all meansCar customization projectPlease use this as a reference.

I installed the parts at the same time as I bought the new car, so I wondered how much of a difference I would notice, but when I took the car for a spin, I could clearly see the difference.Eliminates unnecessary movements and provides peace of mind on curves and straightshas increased.→ Click here for more information

● Mounting parts: Strut tower bar
●Miyazaki Prefecture K-1 (CX-60/KH)
From the beginning, when I was driving on highways and bypasses, I felt a lack of rigidity and a loose feeling when handling at high speeds, but after installing this, the whole carThe handling is smooth and the ride is very stable.became.→ Click here for more information

● Mounting parts: Member brace set
● Mie Prefecture TM (Atenza/GJ)
When I actually put it on and drove it, I felt a completely different feeling of firmness. Even when I was going through a curve and it was unsettling,The nose will point exactly as you want it to as you turn the steering wheel..→ Click here for more information

● Mounting parts: Tower brace set
● Silvestro from Chiba Prefecture (Roadster/ND)
I installed it on a normal car with 24,000 km on the clock and was able to feel the effect. The vibration during idling and shifting up was reduced.The steering is more stable, the body shake is less, and the shocks over bumps are slightly softer..→ Click here for more information

● Mounting parts: Motion control beam
●Iwate Prefecture Nishiuri-san (MAZDA3/BP)
There are many things to learn and notice from the feedback from customers who have actually installed AutoExe products. I think some owners will be tuning up their cars in preparation for the long summer vacation that is fast approaching. If you are having trouble or anxiety about choosing parts, why not take a look at our site?

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