New brake parts for CX-60 on sale!

Street Sports Suspension Kit,Shift knobThe CX-60 is steadily expanding its tuning lineup.
New today,Sports brake lineBrake pedal braceWe have released 2 new products!


[Sports brake line]
Changed from rubber, which is used in mass-produced cars, to stainless steel mesh PTFE (Teflon), which has less deterioration due to heat and age, and less expansion due to hydraulic pressure. Achieves a direct brake feel that corresponds to the pedal force.

・Compatible models: All CX-60 models
・Part number: KHA1 V5 550
・ Price including tax: ¥ 38,500

[Brake pedal brace]
Three-dimensional reinforcement of the brake pedal mounting part suppresses distortion in the front-rear and left-right directions. This improves the reaction delay between pressing the pedal and applying the brakes, supporting vehicle speed control.

・Compatible models: All CX-60 models
・Part number: KHA1 V5 570
・ Price including tax: ¥ 19,800
Brake pads that increase braking force are currently under development, but this time we have pre-released items that increase the rigidity of each system, which is the key to "decelerating at will" in sync with human sensibilities.
Please experience the sensitivity tuning with the unique items we have put into brakes.

Posted by T.Ito