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As of Friday, May 5stParts impression"Original Clear File Set" gift campaign has ended.
We have received a large number of submissions and are currently editing and publishing them one by one. This time, I felt that there were many applications for Roadster! We would like to introduce some of them (please note that it may take some time for them to be published).


When I replaced it with a one-piece external muffler, it felt a little strange because the muffler stood out too strongly against the car body, but by installing the under panel, it felt more cohesive.The rear view was sharpIt left an impression on me.→ Click here for more information

● Mounting parts: Rear under panel
●Aichi Prefecture Lipovitan_ND (Roadster/ND)

Since I built it from a new car, I don't know the difference between it and the original one, and it has already covered almost 80000km. I don't have enough driving skills to feel that it has deteriorated, and I don't drive on circuits, but when I drive around town, it's comfortable even if I drive it every day.less rollsI'm very self-satisfied.→ Click here for more information

-Installation parts: Street sports suspension kit, adjustable stabilizer link
●Kanagawa Prefecture Yuzu-san (Roadster/ND)

When I actually finished wearing it and went for a run,Solid feelingSomething like that is completely different. Even in situations where you feel restless when entering a curve, the nose will point exactly as you want as you turn the steering wheel.→ Click here for more information

-Mounted parts: Tower brace set, member brace set
●Chiba Prefecture Silvestro (Roadster/ND)
Since I was replacing the muffler, I had been thinking about tweaking the intake system as well. The accelerator feels better,I started smoking well, the ride has become much lighter.→ Click here for more information

● Mounting parts: Sports induction box
●Yamaguchi Prefecture Junjun-san (Roadster/ND)

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