Expanded compatibility with new roadsters, mufflers, etc.

Sorry I made you wait. We conducted a muffler certification test for the new 2024 model (ND5RE-100001~/NDERE-100001~), and now two types of sports mufflers can be installed!

Furthermore, we have also completed confirmation of the suitability of the full bucket seat.
You can install it without any problem.

① Sports muffler (single)
The slash tail texture with a sub-silencer is attractive. Combined with the rear under panel, it creates an even more light-hearted look.
*Can be installed separately

Part number: MND8Y70
Compatible models: All NDERE cars/ND5RE MT cars
Price including tax: ¥ 126,500

②Sports muffler (center dual)
The combination of the perfect circle φ90 x 2 center dual and the special rear under panel makes the rear view even more stunning.
*Special rear under panel required

Part number: MND8Y50/MND8Y60
Compatible models: ND5RE MT cars/NDERE all cars
Price including tax: ¥140,800 (rear under panel ¥34,100)

③Full bucket seat
This is a special full bucket type seat that firmly holds the driver even in consecutive corners.
The outer skin is made of flame-retardant material with a fearless black color and red stripes.
*Special seat rail required

Part number: Driver seat MND1970-03/Passenger seat MND1980-03
Compatible models: ND5RE/NDERE
Price including tax: ¥159,500~ (seat rail ¥42,900)

Please see the link below for the latest compatibility list.
-Compatibility information for the new Roadster (ND5RE)
-New Roadster RF (NDERE) compatibility information

Posted by T.Takechi