Straight line stability has improved.

● Mounting parts: Motion control beam

I installed it after driving for 5 years and 35,000km.
After installing it, I could already feel the difference when I left the dealer's parking lot.
This is purely my personal opinion, but the steering felt heavy and the center of the steering felt solid, which made me feel like straight-line stability had improved.
The ride is so comfortable that I almost feel like I'm riding on a good, wide tire.
After riding it for a little distance, I got used to it and the ride became even more comfortable.
However, it feels like it has more grip around corners than before, which is fun.

For reference, other specifications of the car include an Autoexe rear stabilizer and a premium tail muffler.
For some reason, I felt like the muffler sound had become quieter inside the car.
It's an expensive part, but I'm glad I added it.

● Tochigi Prefecture Nikkori-san (Roadster / ND)