AutoExe Options are Parts for Tuning.
Please be advised that they have different
characteristics compared to genuine parts.

■Difference in Quality and Reliability Compared to Genuine Parts
The parts for tuning are called “After Market Parts=Parts Attached Afterwards” to differentiate from genuine parts of automobile manufacturers. Users with a great deal of experince in tuning will fully understand it as “Self-Responsibility” and handle some matters by themselves, whereas beginners understandably have anxiety. Therefore, we have summarized the difference in quality and reliability between “After Market Parts” like ours and “Genuine Parts” of an automobile manufacturer. Giving you the result in advance, there is certainly a difference. Because of the difference in development period and due to the existence of limit arising from difference in targeted performance level.

Those who are willing to start tuning should consider sufficiently prior to purchase, taking into consideration the following points. Furthermore, it is advised to stick with genuine specification if you seek 100 % reassurance.

1.The Effect of Difference in Development Period
<Genuine Parts>
The new vehicle development in an automobile manufacturer usually takes more than 3 or 4 years and various test(for example, bench test, actual running test etc.) is conducted. Owing to long development period, high reliability is guaranteed.

<After Market Parts>
The product development of after market parts completes within a few months after the launch of a new vehicle and the product is expected to be released immediately. Consequently, the development period is shorter compared to genuine parts which causes difference in reliability.

2.The Effect of Difference in Performance Demanded
<Genuine Parts>
Since it is a component of a vehicle that is mass-produced, there is no need to pursue high performance. Moreover, durability and reliability which never causes trouble is prioritized. As a result, there is hardly any trouble with normal use.

<After Market Parts>
Since users are coming all the way to change parts, the level of performance they pursue is understandably high. The margin for space and intensity decreases because it challenges the limit of design sometimes neglected by genuine parts manufacturer. This marginal decrease can cause trouble depending on the individual variability of vehicle and way it is drived.

3.The Effect of Difference in Individual Variability
<Genuine Parts>
Since a certain amount of secular change is taken into account during vehicle design, even if individual variability of vehicle do exist, it has almost no effect on attachability.

<After Market Parts>
Due to the fact that design puts priority on performance, it has low compatibility with individual variability of vehicle. Furthermore, compatibility and reliability can become an issue including a case where other tuning parts are installed.

■ Status of Our Quality and Reliability Management
1.Quality of Development
All our products are developed in cooperation with manufacturer specializing in each category.
Quality and reliability is assured from specialized know-how cultivated from exclusively concentrating on a particular field. This surely makes up for the deficiency in test period.

2.Quality of Production
Most of the products are sent directly from the factory. Since we cant carry out inspection, our product quality standard is applied to the factory before shipment.

■Guidelines for Handling Failure
1.Handling Initial Failure
Products with initial failure, including damage during transportation will be replaced by a non-defective product.

2.Guarantee Period after Installation
Since failure can be caused by individual variability of vehicle and from relation with other attached parts, also by incorrect installation or improper adjustment, furthermore by lack of maintenance etc., it is difficult to identify the cause. Therefore, guarantee period is not applied like genuine parts, except for some products.

3.Disclosing Information of Failure
Unlike vehicle distribution which can list owner information, it is difficult to obtain information of all the purchaser in parts distribution due to its diversified distribution channels. We disclose information of failure on our website in the Internet. We are also in the process of introducing a system that can contact individuals who have filled out the user registration form enclosed in our core products.

■Caution on Installation and Maintenance
1.Regarding Installation
An additional processing may be required when individual variability of vehicle(deformation from usage condition or secular change ) is large. Therefore we recommend to have the service done by an automotive maintenance shop or a pro shop with installation experience.

If you wish to install on your own, which is one of the fun activities of tuning, but not quite sure if you can, please see if you can detach the particular parts of mass production specification prior to activity. It does not mean that installation is easy simply because it is an “After Market Parts”.

A failure caused by a mistake in installation is “Self-Responsibility”, therefore it is ideal to get help from an experienced personnel. The difficulty of installation is proportional to the activity time described in this site(only japanese page).

2.Regarding Maintenance
In order to maintain its top condition, more care will be necessary than parts of mass production. Daily visual inspection and cleaning, fastening bolts and nuts of installed portion is essential. Always keep an eye on the condition of your vehicle. This deepens the communication between the person and the vehicle which is a secondary effect.

If you consider these steps as troublesome, with all due respect, you should stick with the original specification!

■ Product Development Genre
・ Our products are ultimately developed for “street use,” which means standard everyday driving. In many cases, car tuning or customizing is often thought of as something for street racing circuits. But we are dedicated to genuine public street use, and steer clear of designs supporting pointless & harmful obsessions .

・In contrast to the majority of car tuners who specialize in one part using their own personal expertise as a base, we aim to provide total tuning for the entire car. This is because we realize that combining parts from different makers to achieve an overall balance takes an extreme amount of experience or enough money to allow success through trial and error.

・ Thus, effective product development can’t exist without a thorough knowledge of stock car strong and weak points. As such, it is not possible to design custom parts for a variety of makes. This is why, putting our staff members’ background to work, we decided to go with making specialized parts for Mazda cars. It is not a boast to say that our staff is comprised mostly of Mazdaspeed alumni.

・ When it comes to actual development and production, because we use manufacturers that specialize in their individual fields, each manufacturer is able to fill our specifications with highly reliable technology at a low cost even for small orders.

■AutoExe Style Tuning Direction
Our tuning shaves off the excessive margin that is the fate of stock cars and redirects that excess power to evolving sports car qualities. The assumed tuning range is confined to “the evolution of standard functions.” Instead of numerical value performance important to competition vehicles such as peek power, threshold performance, maximum speed, and lap time, we feel that street driving use upgrades that facilitate the absolute best driving experience such as a smooth acceleration feel with no stress, brakes that give the feel of total control underneath your feet, and suspension that prizes tire grip over clunky roll rigidity, for example, embody the concept of “Fun to Tune.”

We support tuning for all Mazda with the concept of “car style conception” instead of “parts conception.” We provide “Mazda personalization projects” for Mazda owners.

■ Other Points of Note
1) The prices listed here are Japan domestic request based retail prices(Tax excluded) and do not include installation fees and paint fees. Please note that prices are different for sales to overseas customers.

2) Portions of the pictures listed here may differ from the actual product. Also the color for images displayed on a computer monitor can appear different from the actual color.

3) The numerical values and data listed here are based on measurements taken at our company, and may differ depending on the measuring conditions. Also, function enhancement may be difficult to notice for some users due to individual sensitivity level differences.

4) All content is current as of February 2016. All products are subject to changes in price, specifications, part reference number, as well as discontinuation without notice.