A lineup of functional parts for driving for both petrol and diesel vehicles. In combination with a piano black styling, the CX-30 is transformed into a sports crossover with glory and potential.


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This is the sport grade of the CX -30.
Complete tune DM-06

The new generation crossover CX -30 combines a just-sized body with excellent design, drive and comfort. Its good total balance has been highly supported by users with good selection. But with all the new SUVs out there competing for personality, there is a sense of lack of conclusive evidence. For those who are more assertive for style and drive, especially those who have high hopes for the new generation of Mazda vehicles, we propose an outstanding sports version of the CX -30 that should be called as the top grade.
There are a total of 5 styling kits including a front grille with a Mazda emblem. A part of the satin part of the bottom line is made into a glossy piano black specification.
The functional parts group includes a low down spring, a full body reinforcement system, and an intake and exhaust system to improve accelerator response. We will develop a full lineup of vehicles, including those equipped with the SKYACTIV-X engine, such as the Street Sports Sus.kit with improved transient characteristics and the Motion Control Beam that suppresses body vibration.
The DM-06 trains the whole body with a complete tune by the idea of the model of a car while maintaining the beauty of a mass-produced car. Take your CX -30 into the sport crossover with beauty and potential.

Styling Kit

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■DM-06 Styling Kit
DescriptionModelPart NumberPriceSpecificationCode
Front Under SpoilerAllMDM2100-08¥59,000PPE,Painted(Piano Black)D
Front GrilleAllMDM2500¥78,000ABS,Painted(Piano Black/Mat Black)D
Side Under SpoilerAllMDM2300-08¥72,000PPE,Painted(Piano Black)D
Rear Under SpoilerAllMDM2400-08¥55,000PPE,Painted(Piano Black)D
Rear Roof SpoilerAll



Fiberglass,Painted(Piano Black)


Functional Parts

▶Suspension Parts

“A New Driving Sensation” – Suspension is the core of full running sports sensation.Our aim is handling at will, beyond the boundaries of mass-produced vehicles. For drivers who want to actively enjoy driving, not only the matter of simply stiff or soft feeling, but to be provided the best street driving specification which has refined the dynamic sensitivity performance such as the initial responsiveness at the time of steering and the transient characteristic of rolling.

Parts lineup
■Low Down Spring
The roll is placed under control by the spring rate intensified within the range that has less impact on a ride quality, so that the vehicle height can be brought down by approx. 20 mm.  For the riding taste, the car stability is improved by bringing its center of gravity down, which provides a desired tendency to the “person who enjoys driving.”  Moreover, the clearance of tire house becomes reduced, which makes the whole car look low.  As a result, a dynamic feeling is provided to the styling.

■Street Sports SUS. Kit
The best street model anyone could ever think of for AutoExe. Based on dynamic sensitivity engineering, twin tube damper quickly initiates damping force at a very low speed region and controls the rolling response. Vehicle height is set for a 15 mm standard which realizes linear handling without impairing riding comfort.

Adjustable Stabilizer Link
The length of the stabilizer link is designed with using the factory standard car as a guideline.  Due to this, when lowering the car height, at which time the angle of the lower arm changes, there is a tendency for arm angle of the link and stabilizer becomes more acute than the appropriate value, which spoils the true stabilizer effect.  The Adjustable Stabilizer Link is an item which allows the true stabilizer functionality to shine through by adjusting the link length when lowering down, so that the arm angle of the stabilizer is kept at the appropriate setting.

■Sports Stabilizer Link
The spring rate increased by the pipe diameter greater than that of the standard car reduces the roll at the comer.  It is not supposed to work as a spring when the right and the left tires go up and down simultaneously during straight-ahead driving, etc.  Therefore, worsening of ride quality is minimized.

Description ModelPart NumberPriceSpecificationCode
Low Down SpringDiesel 2WD

Diesel 4WD

Petrol 2WD(Except SKY-X)

Petrol 4WD(Except SKY-X)






Ride-height -20mm

Ride-height -20mm

Ride-height -20mm

Ride-height -20mm
Street Sports SUS. KitAllMDM7850¥158,000Ride-height adjustable D
Adjustable Stabilizer LinkFrontAllMBP7605¥22,000Overall length adjustable Right and left setD
Sports StabilizerFrontAllMBP7600¥26,000Solidφ25.0D

Body Parts

In order to increase the sense of unity between the driver and the car, tuning to train the body is fundamental. By decreasing the slight distortion of each part of the body generated by, for example, the force on the road surface while turning a corner, the motion of the initial operation of the suspension which was absorbed by the distortion is pulled out, enhancing handling with a sense of direct reaction from the moment you turn the steering wheel with no delay.

Parts lineup

■Strut Tower Bar
It is a welded one-piece type with cylindrical rib that binds together the upper sections of the right and the left suspensions tightly with the strong steel pipe and plate.  It reduces the distortion of the body applied from the suspension to ensure the movement of the suspension.  As a result, it creates a zippy feeling of driving a car.  All the more because it is part of the basic item, we stick to the function-oriented stance.

■Center Floor Bar
Center Floor Bar is an auto body reinforcement part that enhances rigidity, by uniting the width of internal floor parts with high rigidity steel pipe. It is strengthened by the welded one piece structure, of the floor part and the center tunnel part. It improves steering performance by restraining distortion in the monocoque center parts where strut tower bar or floor cross bar do not work. Center Floor Bar can be applied to layout with the genuine floor mat, for rear legroom.

*Center Floor Bar can be applied to the genuine floor mat.
Photo Gallery

■Floor Cross Bar
It is a newly conceived reinforcement part that reinforces the floor by binding the right and the left sides of the rear floor with a steel pipe.  It produces the effect close to the tower bar without almost sacrificing the ease of use of the luggage room.  It concurrently uses the high-intensity bolt, etc. of the seat for installation, and won’t cause any annoying burden on the body, either.  We particularly recommend that it be installed together with the front strut tower bar.
Photo Gallery

■Lower Arm Bar(Front)
It uses the steel pipe to reinforce the right and the left bases of the lower part of the front suspension that greatly affect the steering.  Reducing the opening of the section where the suspension is attached to control the alignment change, it increases the secured sense of steering.

■Torsion Beam Stiffener
A high-rigidity steel gusset that attaches to the torsion beam mounting parts of the left and right sides of the rear suspension to which heavy loads are applied while turning a corner. It is replaced with a mass produced plate that comes as a standard mount onto the part. It suppresses unnecessary distortion, but supports accurate handling. Usage with front lower arm bar is recommend.
Photo Gallery

■Member Brace Set
The whole open-structured floor such as the center tunnel and the lower part of fuel tank is thoroughly reinforced by the trussed frame that combines the tenacious steel pipe and gusset.  It reduces the vibration and the kink of the floor to allow proper function of the front and the rear suspensions.  When used in combination with the tower brace set, the upper/down two-stage high-rigidity body is completed.  Front and rear make a set.
Photo Gallery

Motion Control Beam
Reinforces the front and rear ends of the body, greatly improving the rigidity of the monocoque. By installing a friction type damper which has improved high rigidity, the beams suppress micro vibration of the body and create the best ride on the street with strength and flexibility. It is recommended to use with body reinforcement parts such as strut bars. A set of two beams for front and Rear. Equipped with fixed BKT.
Photo Gallery
Description ModelPart NumberPriceSpecificationCode
Strut Tower Bar FrontAllMDM4000¥24,000Steel 1-piece 2-point D
Center Floor Bar2WD



Steel 1-piece 4-pointD
Floor Cross Bar RearAllMDM4500¥16,000Steel 2-piece 3-pointD
Lower Arm BarFrontAllMBP4B00¥16,000Steel 1-piece 2-pointD
Torsion Beam StiffenerAllMBP4F00¥14,000Steel 2-piece 2-point D
Member Brace SetAllMDM4700¥58,000Steel 3-piece Front and Rear set D
Mortion Control BeamAllMBP4900¥86,000Friction type damper Front and Rear setE

Intake & Exhaust Parts

For intake / exhaust tuning which has a direct impact on comfortable driving, improvement of peak power has no significance, but the reaction to instantly transmit the driver’s intention to the car.  Accelerator response is improved based on the air filter and the muffler with moderately reduced resistance. A discreet sports sound deepens communication between the driver and the car.

Parts lineup

■Air Filter Replacement
Used to replace the filter components but which allow utilization of the original air cleaner box. Dry nonwoven fabric that does not affect air flow sensors is used for the filter material. The specifications provide a good balance of ventilation performance and dust filtering. In addition, stainless mesh, which is not available with the original products, reduces any deformation of the filter medium at high engine speeds, while also easily and effectively improving accelerator response. Its disposable design also makes it easy to maintain.

■Intake Suction Kit
The flexible joint of mass produced intake hose, whose top priority is reliability, is dispensed, but the intake resistance is reduced by the design to maximize the effective flow area available. The materials of the hoses that have been specially designed for each engine are multi-layer polyester silicon or FRP which can provide excellent deformation control by intake negative pressure. As a result, acceleration response is improved. The engine compartment now comes accented in red.

■Premium Tail Muffler(Diesel)
Profound feeling with sophistication is the fascination of this series. An oval shaped tail end of 110X95 mm is exactly what is needed for a refined touch. The gentle sport sound that is controlled and muffled for driver and passengers, and improvement of accelerator response within a practical range, are coexistent with the large-capacity, straight-through silencer, in which a slightly smaller main pipe and inner structure are carefully tuned.

■Premium Tail Muffler(Petrol)
Profound feeling with sophistication is the fascination of this series. An oval shaped tail end of 110X95 mm is exactly what is needed for a refined touch. The gentle sport sound that is controlled and muffled for driver and passengers, and improvement of accelerator response within a practical range, are coexistent with the large-capacity, straight-through silencer, in which a slightly smaller main pipe and inner structure are carefully tuned.

DescriptionModelPart NumberPriceSpecificationCode
Air Filter ReplacementDiesel/SKY-X

Petrol(Except SKY-X)


Dry type ReplacementD
Ram Air Intake SystemDiesel

Petrol 2.0L(Except SKY-X)


Under Devalopment

Exclucive Wet type air filter+Carbon intake box E
Intake Suction kitDiesel/SKY-X

Petrol(Except SKY-X)


Silicon layer structure hoseD
Premium Tail MufflerDiesel



Stainless steel Main pipeφ60.5 Tip95x80mmx2D

Engine & Drivetrain Parts

Pull the potential of the engine completely out and convert it into traction on the road surface. A sports clutch set and a flywheel to support brisk gear change. While increasing the feeling of being directly connected with the car, Limited Slip Diff, for example, the driver positively enjoys the change of the attitude of the car in turning a corner, and the transient characteristic, where abrupt movements are eliminated as much as possible, are built in.

Parts lineup

■Turbo Pipe
Aluminum elbow pipe with an optimized pipe layout and with utmost mirror surface of the inner wall, and polyester silicon with high deformation control are compounded to reduce the expansion of the hose by compression and the resistance of the air flow path. Boost pressure is increased and the turbo lag is reduced. Car responds better as soon as the accelerator is stepped on.

Sports Clutch Line
The stainless steel mesh PTFE (Teflon) clutch line creates extremely small expansion generated by oil pressure, and very littledegradation due to lapse of time compared to rubber clutch line which is used in mass-produced vehicles. The feeling of the clutch is more direct and lasts for a long time. In addition, a PVC coating is applied to protect the hose.

DescriptionModelPart NumberPriceSpecificationCode
Turbo PipeDieselMBP3960¥48,000Aluminum pipe+Silicon layer structure hoseD
Sports Clutch LineM/TMBP6500¥10,000Stainless steel PTFED

▶Utlity Parts

The surface texture and the usability have been given great attention in order to enjoy pleasant, everyday driving in addition to well behaved running. Enjoy the utility items, namely side visor with ventilation system which improves the style with sporty aeroform and the bonnet damper supporting opening / closing of the bonnet, equipped with superb functionality which is not found in mass-produced cars.

Parts lineup

■Oil Filler Cap
The mass produced, resin oil filler cap is replaced with machined 52S aluminum, adding a touch of craftsmanship. Bright red, anodized processing accentuates a glamorous mechanical flavor to the engine compartment. Laser engraved AutoExe logo expresses a sophisticated look. Two lineups of one-touch type and screw type can handle a wide range of old and new Mazda cars.

■Oil Level Gauge Grip
The resin grip of mass produced oil level gauges is replaced with an aluminum grip. Laser engraved AutoExe logo with red anodic oxydation coating offers a stylish look to the engine compartment. DIY installation is available by using the exclusive tools which come with the kit. Total coordination by installing the elaborately designed oil filler cap is recommended.

■Bonnet Damper
High pressure gas damper assist makes opening and closing the bonnet even easier and smoother. The conventional lock stay is also no longer required, thus significantly improving the maintainability of the engine room. Special mount brackets for minimizing the load on the connecting parts, bonnet, and frame enable simple bolt-on installation with no holes being necessary.

Battery Clamp
Now the engine compartment comes in accented red, which supplements a playful taste. Made of one piece steel with the design of an AutoExe strut bar in mind. Everything has been faithfully reproduced, even the logo plate of the bar.

■Fuel Cap Cover
Cumbersome self refueling will turn out to be a fun time to interact with your car. ABS cover which is installed by covering mass-produced fuel caps. The design of the cap bolt arranged with a vivid red color gives a gorgeous impression to the fuel filler opening. Engraved with AutoExe logo. The fuel cap cover is extensively compatible with the current Mazda cars. Using double-sided tape  A caution label indicating the specified fuel for the car is attached.

■Sports Side Visor
Effective ventilation system High performance side visor with ventilation function, in addition to the effective rain proof and shade. When opening windows, indoor air is pushed out using the negative pressure generated while driving. It’s also very effective to prevent rain from coming in. The rubber blade, equipped with a visor, controls a whirlpool of air, which is discharged. It prevents backward flow into the inside of the car. Aeroform in pursuit of higher performance also adds a dressy appearance to the car. Smoke type/acrylic resin.

■Wheel Nut Set
It is a fashionable small-diameter wheel nut that places the aluminum end cap with a logo of AutoExe on the top.  The design of oddly shaped heptagon intended to use the dedicated adaptor wrench for attachment is adopted to allow the combined ue that protects the wheel from theft, too.  The high-strength chrome-vanadium steel that resists loosening under high temperature is adopted as a raw material so that the durability and the reduced diameter can go hand in hand
M12XP1.5 L:32mm.
DescriptionModelPart NumberPriceSpecificationCode
Oil Filler CapAll(Except SKY-X)A1400-03¥5,800One touch type Anodized aluminumD
Oil Level Gauge GripAll(Except SKY-X)A1450-03¥5,800Anodized aluminumD
Battery ClampAllA1750¥7,800Steel 3-piece D
Bonnet DamperAllMDM2960¥20,000High pressure gas dampers
+mount brackets
Fuel Cap CoverAllA1600-03A¥4,800ABS,Painted(Red)D
Sports Side VisorAllMDM0400¥25,000Acrylic resin With ventilated 4pcsD
Wheel Nut SetAllA00100B¥12,800Chrome-vanadium steel
+Aluminum end cap

Interior Parts

In order to clearly transmit the intention of the driver to the car, the texture and the functionality of the cockpit are meticulously designed. For the interior, we have a steering wheel with a built-in airbag and a casually pleasing sport sensibility; and we have focused on a shift knob, the operation of which provides a tangible feeling. Please enjoy exchanging intimate dialogue with your car.

Parts lineup

■Carbon Paddle Shift Lever
High-grade real carbon material to cover the mass-produced steering shift switch. Improved operability from moderate upsizing. The lever provides confidence in sports driving, and tailors the cockpit for a sporty look. Engraved with AutoExe logo. Double-sided tape type. Four pieces assembled.
・Supports standard equipment / genuine optional steering shift switch.
・Overall length 100 mm (mass production ratio, upper + 25 mm and lower + 10 mm extension)

■Shift Knob (Leather/Ball Shape)  Designed for A/T models.
A round shaped knob designed exclusively for the latest Mazda AT models with straight type gear. It is a press-to-use knob and designed with care to be comfortable even when unlocking the shift lock. Genuine leather/red stitches. AutoExe logo marked.
Photo Gallery
■Shift Knob (Leather/Ball Shape)  Designed for M/T models.
Made of genuine leather; 51 mm in diameter with operability in mind. Shift knob easily fits in your palm, and you can hold it both up and sideways. Height is easily adjustable according to the size of the driver and the driver’s taste. Choice of red stitch and black stitch is available. AutoExe logo is engraved on the top.

■Shift Knob (Leather)  Designed for M/T models.
A size with a small diameter of 42 mm. Shift knob which easily fits in your palm, and  you can hold it both up and sideways. Height is easily adjustable according to the size of the driver and the driver’s taste. Choice of red stitch and black stitch is available. AutoExe logo is engraved on the top.
Description ModelPart NumberPriceSpecificationCode
Carbon Paddle Shift Lever Steering Shift Switch ModelA1383-20¥15,800Carbon 4-pieceD
Shift Knob
(Leather/Ball shape)
Red stitchM/T



Genuine leather Screw pitch:M10X1.25

Genuine leather Push type
Shift Knob(Leather)Red stitch

Black stitch


¥8,800Genuine leather Screw pitch:M10X1.25D