Carbon Keycover

Made from dry carbon produced by the autoclave method used for racing car bodies. The texture, which gives full play to the feel ofthe material’s quality, is attractive. Compatible with Mazda3 (BP) and CX -30 (DM) equipped with new advanced keys. With the AutoExe logo. Double-sided adhesive tape.

Part NumberPart NumberPrice
(Tax excluded)
A2650-20¥9,800ドライカーボン製 AutoExeロゴ入り MAZDA3(BP系)/CX-30(DM系)など新型アドバンストキー用
2ピース構成 両面テープ接着タイプ


High-quality black suede key case, which accommodates Mazda Advanced Key. The case covers the key to assure protecttion against scratches and impact. Red stitches and red lines give a sporty and refined impression to the case. Engraved with AutoExe logo.

Accommodates Mazda Advanced Key

Red stitch,engraved with AutoExe logo

Component parts

Part NumberPrice
(Tax excluded)
A2640-33¥3,800Black suede Red stitch Engraved with AutoExe logo for Mazda advanced Key