Crossing the bridge time, the more powerful its presence becomes
Now the cutting edge mode is infused into the leading “Rotary” car

10 years have passed already since the end of production. The more scarce it becomes, the more strongly well colored is FD’s own brilliance. Its strong street presence with air strained with tension will never change over time. At the same time, ‘Always in Season’ tuning materials continue, as always. The goal for FD-04 is a novel mode, which could be called a cutting edge facelift model. Making the flowing body lines striking, neat styling has achieved the stripped-down look of an athlete.
For functional parts, ‘car racing supremacy’ is still dominated by FD tuning. Yet, legitimate street tuning is being fiercely maintained. Tunable+suspension, the non-slip differential, which converts RE turbo power into traction efficiently, the premium tail muffler, and the sports induction box are all added to stimulate the adult’s sensibilities. Want to pass on a number of items to enthusiasts who are deeply in love with RX-7, towards being ‘Active all your life’.

Styling Kit

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■FD-04 Styling Kit for RX-7(FD3S)
DescriptionModelPart NumberPriceSpecificationCode
Front NoseVIN-500001~MFD2E00¥70,000Fiberglass,unpaintedD


With Perfect”LeMans”Spirit!

The goal is rakishness with yaw moment control and all-weather aerodynamics. Spoilers put through full-fledged wind tunnel testing, and a carbon hood, made of autoclaved carbon prepreg, etc., are all part of the commitment to be authenticity-oriented.

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■FD-02 Styling Kit for RX-7(FD3S)
DescriptionModelPart NumberPriceSpecificationCode
Front NoseVIN-500001~MFD2000¥108,000Fiberglass,unpaintedD
Side Skirt SetAll MFD2300¥75,000Fiberglass,unpaintedD
Rear Under SpoilerAll MFD2400¥42,000Fiberglass,unpaintedD
Carbon Bonnet Hood All MFD2900¥380,000Carbon(autoclave),unpaintedF


Recommended kit for users who value the identity of the original mass production design. Intrepid splitters, made of real carbon, are used all around the body, and will make it possible to enhance the sports sensation easily, by adding them to genuine bumpers front and back or as add-on mounting to the rear wing.

Styling Kit

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■FD-02S Styling Kit for RX-7(FD3S)
DescriptionModelPart NumberPriceSpecificationCode
Carbon Front SplitterVIN-500001~MFZ2100¥84,000Carbon fiber Unnecessary paintD
Carbon Side Splitter SetAllMFZ2300¥98,000Carbon fiber Unnecessary paintD
Carbon Rear SplitterAllMFZ2400¥84,000Carbon fiber Unnecessary paintD
Carbon Bonnet Hood AllMFD2900¥380,000Carbon(autoclave),unpaintedF

Functional Parts

▶Suspension Parts

“A New Driving Sensation” – Suspension is the core of full running sports sensation.Our aim is handling at will, beyond the boundaries of mass-produced vehicles. For drivers who want to actively enjoy driving, not only the matter of simply stiff or soft feeling, but to be provided the best street driving specification which has refined the dynamic sensitivity performance such as the initial responsiveness at the time of steering and the transient characteristic of rolling.

Parts lineup

■Street Sports SUS. Kit(KIJIMA-SPEC)
Height adjustable kit boosts a sporty ride, while maintaining a balance of mass production specifications. Based on the theory of the engineering dynamics of driving sensation, developed by Mr. Takao Kijima, who is an authority on suspension and the Chief Engineer in sports car development at Mazda, vehicle height, spring rate, and damping force have been well established. It is tuned for exquisite handling beyond the constraints of mass produced vehicles. Mr. Kijima himself directly inspects KIJIMA-SPEC for the FR sports-car. Twin-tube dampers with high precision.

■Street SUS. Kit
Exclusively developed for a 90’s sports car. The concept is aimed at acquiring the accurate handling of a contemporary vehicle while keeping the taste of the mass production specs at the time of release. The set of mass-produced twin tube dampers, springs and upper mounts is perfect for refreshment.

Sports Stabilizer
The spring rate increased by the pipe diameter greater than that of the standard car reduces the roll at the comer.  It is not supposed to work as a spring when the right and the left tires go up and down simultaneously during straight-ahead driving, etc.  Therefore, worsening of ride quality is minimized.
Description ModelPart NumberPriceSpecificationCode
Street Sports SUS. Kit
AllMFD7850¥158,000Overall length ride-height adjustable D
Street SUS.Kit AllMFD7750¥158,000Replacement type Damper+Spring SetF
Sports Stabilizer Front






Body Parts

In order to increase the sense of unity between the driver and the car, tuning to train the body is fundamental. By decreasing the slight distortion of each part of the body generated by, for example, the force on the road surface while turning a corner, the motion of the initial operation of the suspension which was absorbed by the distortion is pulled out, enhancing handling with a sense of direct reaction from the moment you turn the steering wheel with no delay.

Parts lineup

■Strut Tower Bar
It is a welded one-piece type with cylindrical rib that binds together the upper sections of the right and the left suspensions tightly with the strong steel pipe and plate.  It reduces the distortion of the body applied from the suspension to ensure the movement of the suspension.  As a result, it creates a zippy feeling of driving a car.  All the more because it is part of the basic item, we stick to the function-oriented stance.

■Tower Brace Set
It is an authentic part that has evolved the basic concept of strut tower bar more spatially while inheriting it.  Based on the oval shaft made of steel, it adopts the dedicated layout by vehicle type such as two way stress distribution structure and surface pressure distribution structure intended to avoid the stress concentration on the mount point.  As a result, it secures the unprecedented high rigidity as the bolt-on part.  Front and rear make a set.

■Member Brace Set
The whole open-structured floor such as the center tunnel and the lower part of fuel tank is thoroughly reinforced by the trussed frame that combines the tenacious steel pipe and gusset.  It reduces the vibration and the kink of the floor to allow proper function of the front and the rear suspensions.  When used in combination with the tower brace set, the upper/down two-stage high-rigidity body is completed.  Front and rear make a set.
Description ModelPart NumberPriceSpecificationCode
Strut Tower BarFrontAllMFZ400¥24,000Steel 1-piece 2-point D
Tower Brace SetM/T ※1MFD480¥68,000Steel 4-piece Front and Rear set D
Member Brace SetVIN-200001~MFD471¥58,000Steel 4-piece Front and Rear set D
※1 When installing,Some Mazda genuine parts are required.Please inquire for details.

Intake & Exhaust Parts

For intake / exhaust tuning which has a direct impact on comfortable driving, improvement of peak power has no significance, but the reaction to instantly transmit the driver’s intention to the car.  Accelerator response is improved based on the air filter and the muffler with moderately reduced resistance. A discreet sports sound deepens communication between the driver and the car.

Parts lineup

■Sports Induction Box
Only the part of the genuine air cleaner cover that is of air intake resistance gets removed. Air intake efficiency is then improved by using the induction box with a genuine air cleaner element. The product sucks in fresh air and is comprised of an aluminum baffle plate that provides a thermal protection from the engine room and a funnel type FRP frame mounted in front of the filter. Efficiency can be further enhanced by combining it with an optional air cleaner. The sporty engine sound that results from removing the air cleaner cover also heightens its appeal.

■Ram Air Intake System
It is structured to take in more fresh air as the car runs more distance with the air intake directed forward the car.  Fresh air is not only efficiently taken in through the dedicated efficient filter, but also the insulation-efficiency and high-grade carbon is used in the main body.  Therefore, it produces the effect close to an incensement of engine displacement.  The sound of air taken in that you can hear even inside the car is comfortable, and your feelings of driving also run high.

■Premium Tail Muffler
Profound feeling with sophistication is the fascination of this series. An oval shaped tail end of 110X95 mm is exactly what is needed for a refined touch. The gentle sport sound that is controlled and muffled for driver and passengers, and improvement of accelerator response within a practical range, are coexistent with the large-capacity, straight-through silencer, in which a slightly smaller main pipe and inner structure are carefully tuned.

Stainless Muffler
The performance is improved without undermining the design of mass-produced products. A high-capacity straight structure silencer with low exhaust resistance and excellent response, and a middle-pipe with a moderate diameter create balanced output characteristics and a gentle sports sound.

■Front Pipe
Single pipe for mass-produced car is replaced with a Ф54 dual pipe, to increase the flow passage area of the exhaust gas improving exhaust efficiency. Better boosting, and the power & torque characteristics from low to medium speed range are improved. Made of stainless steel. Pursuit of beauty creates the flange in which the whole flange is scraped off by machine and handmade TIG welding, etc.
DescriptionModelPart NumberPriceSpecificationCode
Sports Induction BoxAllMFD957¥30,000Fiberglass filter frame+Aluminum air guideD
Sports Induction Box
with Filter
AllMFD957X¥37,000Fiberglass filter frame+Aluminum air guide+K&N air filterD
Ram Air Intake SystemAllMFD959¥88,000Exclucive Wet type air filter+Carbon intake box E
Premium Tail MufflerAllMFX8500¥88,000Stainless steel Main pipeφ76.3 Tipφ110x95D
Stainless MufflerAllMFD8510¥98,000Stainless steel Main pipeφ76.3 Tipφ70x2F
Front PipeM/T VIN-500001~MFD8000¥95,000Stainless steel φ54X2→68F

Brake Parts

The cardinal point of the brake is to stop the car safely. The secondary expected function of the brake is easy control for the driver to freely reduce the speed of the car so as to enjoy driving as one wishes. As for sequential braking, it performs so as to synchronize the sensitivity of the driver using the brace for which delay reaction of braking can be solved by strengthening the rigidity of the mounting section for the pedal and the brake pads with a small change in the coefficient of function.

Parts lineup

Street Sports Brake Pad
“Deceleration of at will”, it is our goal. Not just for the performance in stopping, the design focuses on the stable effectiveness at the time of continuous braking, meticulous load shifting while cornering, giving very flexible control of the vehicle speed. On the assumption of driving on the road, the coefficient of friction (μ) is constantly changing depending on the conditions such as breaking actions, speed of the vehicle, and temperature, etc. The variation of such changes and how it changes became our interests. Sport-oriented drivers’ sweetheart, “transient property of μ”, generates spice which synchronizes the sensibilities.

■Sports Brake Rotor
Our Sports Brake Rotor has a full two-piece structure that improves fade and crack resistance. Specifications in pursuit of functionality include the fin shaped ventilation that steadily releases heat, the cleaning slits that help maintain the pad surface in good condition, and the black finish that protects the rotor from rusting. The bell housing is made from lightweight duralumin. Only the disk rotor part needs to be replaced once the product has worn-out. Designated a sports car lineup product.

■Street Brake Rotor
Street brake Rotor has the same one piece structure as the mass produced rotors.
Content of carbon and silicon have been changed to strengthen the component.
Moreover, metallic bond formation is stabilized by a thorough heat treatment process, which is abbreviated in mass produced rotors. This results in restraining heat distortion, and improves fade resistance. Other remarkable features are as follows: function to let out fade gas generated from heated brake pad, or cleaning slit that planes the surface of carbonized brake pad and enhances brake operation.

Sports Brake Line
If you jam down on the brake pedal, the pressure is conveyed to the pad through the hose containing the brake fluid to actuate the brake.  The hose material is changed from genuine rubber to Teflon coated with low-expansion stainless mesh to convey the force on pedal efficiently to the pad, and improve the braking reaction.

Description ModelPart NumberPriceSpecificationCode
Street Sports Brake PadFront




Sports Brake LineAll MFD540¥25,000Stainless steel PTFED
Sports Brake RotorFront

17inch Wheel

17inch Wheel


CV Cast iron rotor+ aluminum bell housing D

Street Brake RotorFront17inch Wheel

16inch Wheel


With cleaning slit,Replacement type D
Street Brake RotorRear17inch Wheel

16inch Wheel


With cleaning slit,Replacement type D

Drivetrain Parts

Pull the potential of the engine completely out and convert it into traction on the road surface. A sports clutch set and a flywheel to support brisk gear change. While increasing the feeling of being directly connected with the car, Limited Slip Diff, for example, the driver positively enjoys the change of the attitude of the car in turning a corner, and the transient characteristic, where abrupt movements are eliminated as much as possible, are built in.

Parts lineup

■Sports Plug Cord
The ignition electric power of spark plug is enhanced as much as 20 to 30 times by wrapping the stainless core around the Kevlar tempered fiberglass so that the power and the fuel consumption can be improved.  For the noise of the radio that tends to be generated when the resistance is lowered, the proper measures are taken by the core wrapped around in a spiral manner for containment with twofold silicone.

■Sports Clutch Set
Optimum mass production models for street driving. Non-asbestos materials that exhibit a high μ in a wide temperature range are used as the facing materials. In combination with ductile cast iron pressure plate with an approximately 30 % mass ratio pressure-bonding force increase, it allows reliable torque transmission. Manipulation may require slight breaking actions, but the meeting point of the clutch is easer to capture than for the mass produced cars.

■Sports Flywheel
This flywheel is specially designed for each engine to reduce the moment of inertia by about 42 %. This was realized by moderately reducing the weight of the mass-produced flywheel which is prioritized for stability at the time of idling and for operability at the time of the meeting point of the clutch. The effect on operability is minimal, but allows improvements in engine response. The decrease in the durability by weight reduction is prevented by using chrome molybdenum steel material which has excellent thermal stability processed with cutting technology.

■Sports Clutch Line
The stainless steel mesh PTFE (Teflon) clutch line creates extremely small expansion generated by oil pressure, and very little degradation due to lapse of time compared to rubber clutch line which is used in mass-produced vehicles. The feeling of the clutch is more direct and lasts for a long time. In addition, a PVC coating is applied to protect the hose.

■Limited Slip Diff.
A mechanical (multi-plate clutch) non-slip differential which distributes and transmits effectively to the left and right drive wheels on slippery surfaces or when cornering, is treated with the AutoExe original setting that cares for convenience and comfort based on proven CUSCO.
Operated with a 1.5 way differential. By setting the cam angle at 35° on the driver side, the drive torque bias ratio can be set to 4.0 to 6.0. Initial torque is set up at 40.8 to 51.0 N-m, which minimizes the chattering. Feeling the grip directly, and reliable traction are appealing compared to the mass production models.
DescriptionModelPart NumberPriceSpecificationCode
Sports Clutch SetM/TMFD600S¥69,800Asbestos-free disc+Clutch Cover 9.32kND
Sports FlywheelM/T ※1MFD640¥48,000Chrome-molybdenum 5.4kgD
Sports Clutch LineM/TMFD650¥8,500Stainless steel PTFED
Limited Slip Diff.AllMSE660¥118,800Mecanical 1.5way typeF
Sports Plug CordAllMFD930¥17,000Kevler fiber core+SiliconeD
※1 When installing,Some Mazda genuine parts are required.Please inquire for details.

Utlity Parts

The surface texture and the usability have been given great attention in order to enjoy pleasant, everyday driving in addition to well behaved running. Enjoy the utility items, namely side visor with ventilation system which improves the style with sporty aeroform and the bonnet damper supporting opening / closing of the bonnet, equipped with superb functionality which is not found in mass-produced cars.

Parts lineup

■Oil Filler Cap
The mass produced, resin oil filler cap is replaced with machined 52S aluminum, adding a touch of craftsmanship. Bright red, anodized processing accentuates a glamorous mechanical flavor to the engine compartment. Laser engraved AutoExe logo expresses a sophisticated look. Two lineups of one-touch type and screw type can handle a wide range of old and new Mazda cars.

■ Sports Wiper Blade
Suppress lift by averting the wind pressure that occurs in response to forward motion with a large wind deflator attached to the wiper blade.  Affixing a blade rubber that fits snug against the glass increases visibility at high speeds in the rain.  Also, a graphite coat applied to the rubber greatly decreases the friction resistance inherent to water repellant glass, effectively maintaining the water repellant effect as well as contributing to the prevention of wear and tear.  The blades can be used in a wide range of windshields, from those with normal glass to those with glass treated with a water repellant coating.  One set contains two blades, for the left and right of the front windshield.

Wheel Nut Set
It is a fashionable small-diameter wheel nut that places the aluminum end cap with a logo of AutoExe on the top.  The design of oddly shaped heptagon intended to use the dedicated adaptor wrench for attachment is adopted to allow the combined ue that protects the wheel from theft, too.  The high-strength chrome-vanadium steel that resists loosening under high temperature is adopted as a raw material so that the durability and the reduced diameter can go hand in hand
M12XP1.5 L:32mm.
DescriptionModelPart NumberPriceSpecificationCode
Oil Filler CapAllA1420-03¥5,800Screw type Anodized aluminumD
Sports Wiper BladeAllMFD0200A¥7,800With built-in wind deflector Right and left setD
Wheel Nut SetAllA00100B¥12,800Chrome-vanadium steel +Aluminum end capD

Interior Parts

In order to clearly transmit the intention of the driver to the car, the texture and the functionality of the cockpit are meticulously designed. For the interior, we have a steering wheel with a built-in airbag and a casually pleasing sport sensibility; and we have focused on a shift knob, the operation of which provides a tangible feeling. Please enjoy exchanging intimate dialogue with your car.

Parts lineup

Shift Knob (Leather/Ball shape) 
Made of genuine leather; 51 mm in diameter with operability in mind. Shift knob easily fits in your palm, and you can hold it both up and sideways. Height is easily adjustable according to the size of the driver and the driver’s taste. Choice of red stitch and black stitch is available. AutoExe logo is engraved on the top.

Shift Knob (Leather)  
A size with a small diameter of 42 mm. Shift knob which easily fits in your palm, and  you can hold it both up and sideways. Height is easily adjustable according to the size of the driver and the driver’s taste. Choice of red stitch and black stitch is available. AutoExe logo is engraved on the top.
Description DescriptionDescriptionDescriptionDescriptionCode
Shift Knob (Leather/Ball shape)Red stitchM/TA1341-03¥9,000Genuine leather Screw pitch:M10X1.25D
Shift Knob (Leather)Red stitch

Black stitch



Genuine leather Screw pitch:M10X1.25D